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Business Drivers for Success

We are committed to improving our communications with one another and external groups. We strive for communications that are clear, concise, timely and correct, and contain messages that are professional, appropriate, and factual.

Customer Service
We are committed to making customers our primary focus. We strive for superior customer satisfaction by providing consistent, reliable and quality services and anticipating customer needs.

Data-Driven Decisions

We are committed to smart data-driven decision making. We will compare our operations against metrics indicators, such as benchmarking and industry best practices, when making decisions.

Fiscal Responsibility
We are committed to fiscal responsibility in our operations. We will focus on budget control and cost reduction and avoidance. We strive for superior workforce efficiency, energy and space management, safety, and employee and knowledge retention.

Performance Management
We are committed to implementing an effective performance management program. We endeavor to put into practice performance appraisals that adequately reflect employee performance and employ suitable accountability measures.

We are committed to safety at all levels in our organization. We strive to protect our people, property and the environment.


We are committed to a sustainable future. We strive for sustainability in order to fulfill our social, educational, environmental and economic responsibilities to our campus, state, country and global communities.